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Sabrina Galletti is a makeup artist based in Westchester, New York.  From an early age she was very creative and fascinated with all types of art.  She took many different classes but knew none of those types of art were meant for her.  At the age of twelve, Sabrina was introduced to makeup and has been designing since.  Throughout grade school, she would help her friends with makeup and show them what to buy and how to apply and then realized that makeup is truly what she loves.  Sabrina discovered that her true passion is creating art on a live canvas and making them feel remarkable.

After graduating high school, Sabrina decided to further her makeup skills at Make-Up Designory (MUD), completing their Master’s program.  It was during this intensive training that she designed makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots and designed a range of characters working with New York based modeling agencies and photographers. 

Sabrina looks forward to evolving and perfecting her art of designing makeup.  She is always looking for opportunities to apply her creativity and practice her passion.

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